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    Prior to placing an order, please carefully read and accept the terms
    and conditions of use of the product as described below

    About Payment
    After you submit this order form, you will receive a reply email from us with a link to the credit card payment site.
    Please deposit the stipulated fee.
    Once we have received your payment, we will begin work and send you a proof.
    It may take 1-2 business days to reply depending on the situation.

    About cancellation
    We do not accept cancellations after one proof has been submitted.

    Color reproducibility and inconsistency with printed results (science-based)
    ・No similar color will be reproduced between the sender (you) and the receiver (as illustrated by a slight difference between adjacent monitors at the television section of an electronics store)
    ・Similarly, color on the monitor and a printed version will not be the same (due to differences between transmitted and reflected lights)

    Terms and conditions of use of the product
    - This product is to be attached to an e-mail message and used as a greeting card
    - No finished data volume of this product is promised or committed to
    - In using this product, the following acts are strictly prohibited
    (1) Altering or falsifying this product (including deleting the name of the sender)
    (2) Use of this product for any purpose other than a greeting card
    (3) Any transfer of this product to a third person
    (4) Uploading this product onto a website, SNS, etc. for any commercial purpose
    - Munekata Design Institute Co., Ltd. owns all copyrights related to this product.
    - We assume no responsibility if the use of this product causes any harm or damage to the customer
    - This product is subject to change without prior notice

    Please confirm that pictures to be combined do not infringe any copyright, right of portrait, etc.
    (Applicable to customers who want to have a picture combined in the card)

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